Not too far away by Prabha

Post by Prabha Prakash Is the moment we start missing things that we never thought we would ever miss… When we forget the last time we heard “Venkayama??Shasti aakkum”… When we sharpen our earlobe in vain as if to hear an extinct “Vanthuko…Nevidhyam aayachu…” When we are no longer frustrated to wear that sacred ash on

Perumai Peethal by Vidya

Blog post written by Vidya Mahesh “Amma enakku unnoda red colour podavai venum….inikku pujai kku naan adu daan kattikkaporen….” My daughter squeaked in excitement. “seri neeye eduthukko….beero la irukku paaru…..” “ Ippove vandu katti vidu amma ….enakku time aiduthu…..nee ong velai ellam apparama pannu….inda podavai kattikka time rombo aagum……my daughter pestered me and I had

Ganga Snanam Aacha??? by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R.S Much has been written about how Deepavali was observed and celebrated in Tambrahm households a few decades ago. For Mamas and Mamis in their 40’s and above, nostalgia overflows when any discussion happens around this topic. “Antha Kaalathila naanga eppadi Deepavali ellaruma chernthu kondaaduvom theriyumo?” nnu Mamas break into

7 tell-tale signs of a TamBrahm Navratri by Manasa

Blog post by Manasa Anand Navratri is that time of the year – Gujaratis strap on on their dancing shoes, Bengalis adorn their finest silks, and Tambrahm kumaris and mamis embark on a massive golu tour of the neighbourhood and beyond. It’s a festival that is colourful, fun, enthusiastic, spirited and so much more. The

Mamas and Navarathri by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R.S In South India, Navarathri is observed with much fervour to celebrate the victory of good over evil (for that matter most festivals) – in this case Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasura. May be because of this, Navarathri is closely associated with the ladies at home. 9 days of action

The TamBrahm-Gounder Hybrid by Mekala

Blog post by Mekala Murali Born and brought up in a “modern Iyengar family, the type that one would typically not refer to as an Agrahaaram. My Iyengar household was filled with modern ideas where women were certainly not shy, modern outfits came into the family in the previous generation, English was spoken spashtama like

The Rasam Conflict by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R S Akin to many unresolved conflicts in the world if there is one among Tambrahms – it is the Rasam Conflict!  I.e if Rasam has to be consumed “theliva” or “elakki / kalakki.”  And as far as I know the Tambrahm race is split down in the middle on

Vadagalai married to Thengalai by Sripradha

Blog post by Sripradha Santhanam Tamilian marrying a tamilian , that too for love does not qualify to be a love marriage. I was a Vadagalai Iyengar ponnu and married a Thengalai paiyan. For those who do not know the difference, vadagalais and thengalais wear their Namam differently. My thatha was a well known vadiyar and

Kaineetam Collection Time! by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar “Konthey, onnu ezhunthuko! Innaiku Vishu aakkum! Appidiye kanna moodindu, paathu vaa!” The moment the wife utters these lines today morning even as early as 5’0 clock, I am certain that our 10 year old daughter will wake up like a robot instantly and start walking. This is unlike the other