Dark is Beautiful by Divya

Blog post by Divya Mani Wherever you look around, there are subtle reinforcements that only fair is lovely. Yes I’m dusky and I’m also tired of this unreal stereotype of how dark is considered to be less than fair. In a world where most fair-skinned people are trying to get a tan whether from the

Tamil Streotypes in Bollywood by Divya

Blog post by Divya Mani Read a comment on my friend’s wall this morning, regarding how Alia was absolutely un-Tamilian in ‘2 States’ whereas Deepika did full justice to her role as a Tamilian in ‘Chennai Express’ & that comparison set me thinking. To digress a bit here, I’m done unpacking my cartons, have set

TamBrahm Identification by Rishi

Blog post by Rishi Athreya A question often posed is about the unique identity of Tamil Brahmins. It is asked if these people could not identify as Tamil and whether the caste is an essential part of their character. Tamil Brahmins are ethnically bilingual with both Tamil and Sanskrit. Like those of all other states

Being Linga by Sridhar

Blog post by Sridhar Iyer Every morning the priest opens the gate of the temple. He enters the sanctum sanctorum and I wait there with much anxiousness about the things to be done the whole day. He starts praising me with holy mantras that without any hesitation I keep transferring to the lord of the universe,

The Lost Tradition by Adithya

Blog post by Adithya M Ramadurai Sharma This article is written in the same nature as that of any other article published in the page and holds no offence to anybody. It was a year or so that I happened to see this page and had an immediate affinity towards it. I could relate to

Thotta Chinungi by Raj

Blog post by Raj Vaidyanathan It used to be a monthly routine, depending on how fast the hair grew or didn’t, for that matter, a visit to the local barbershop or as we called it “saloon”. The event was pretty mundane, no catalogs to browse at or designs to pick from, that is available these days

Adathathu Mami by Mahalakshmi

Blog post by Mahalakshmi Rajagopal Growing up in a 95% TamBrahm building in Bombay (as it was then called) we had our own agraharam! From Suprabhatam in the morning to the madi and aacharam throughout the day till the palagaram in the night we did it all. The best part of growing up here was you

Who is a Brahmin? by Sharada

Blog post by Sharada Subramanian Enge Brahmanan…? Well, I hope to keep this one short…! I had this topic in mind for various reasons and observing people around who belong to this community. As decades passed by, the definition of how a Brahmin should be or rather shouldn’t be is completely misunderstood. Let me go

Bio Sketch of a TamBrahm by Savithri

Blog post by Savithri  Sundaram Genus – Homo Species – Tam-Brahm Sub-species – Iyer,Iyengar and Palakkad Iyer Variously  known also as Paapan, Ayyaru, encompasses all sub-species and Brahmanan Habitat – Originally the southern part of India.Increasingly to be found all over the world specially in America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, Australia.