Being TamBrahm by Aarti

Poem by Aarti Iyer   The striking poonool and the classy madisaar The hallmarks of the great TamBrahms we are The poojai and shlokam and the grand homam The banana leaf sadhyas, yummy & wholesome The murukku-cheedais and the filter kaapis The thayir chaadam which never fails to appease Suprabhatam, Sandhyavandanam and The Hindu Avani

Oru Tambrahm Kudumbam by Adithya

Poem by Adithya Narayan (series of verses with somewhat rhyming last words) by – The Tambrahm T.R Namaskaram! I’m Vishwanathan aka vichu Enaku oru annan irukaan, His name is Kichu We are both amma chellam, My appa is romba terror avara porutha varaikum- ” Paper na hindu, both his sons are mandu!” After my 12th

Mangalam Sarva Mangalam – A Chevvai Story by Venkatraman

Poem by Venkatraman Subramaniam If one wants to know any gossip, she would be the first person to ask. Pidicchu pidicchu vambu kekkardu was Mangalam Mami’s only task. “Anda ponnukku inda paiyyanoda something something” appidi code language la pesuvaa “Iyer-aa, Iyengar-aa?” “Vadamal-aa, Vaathimaal-a?” ella details-um fingertips la vecchiruppa Every Amma taught her child to stay

Iyer Aathu Kalyanam by Savitha

Poem by Savitha Naveen Marriages are made in heaven, they say But tambrahm weddings have their own way… It all starts when the ponnu and paiyyan attain the marriagable age And Appa Amma become desperate to advertise them on the matrimonial page Demands of the family in each side Is the most difficult thing to