Pattammal’s Idli Molahapodi by Swetha

Blog post by Swetha Janakiraman What is the most exciting thing about going on a road trip with my super ‘madi’ Pattoo paati? Apart from the fact that she is a bakshanam vending machine sitting in the front passenger seat applying an imaginary break and covering her eyes every time a truck grazes by, which is

My Paati by Rekha

Blog post by Rekha Sriram Like the Tam Brahm Maamis, kosha podavai clad paatis too are a unique lot. They live in TamBrahm households sometimes dominating, sometimes demure; opining what is right and what is wrong. They uphold our culture and keep worrying that generations after, TamBrahms are going to let the culture, traditions and beliefs (so well protected by them) easily

Ninaivugal by Srividya

Blog post by Srividya Bharatrajan How rightfully it is said that childhood memories remain with us for a lifetime .It becomes a part of us and we hold on to the good memories with great fondness. I have always associated the word journey with a “Train journey” since for me as a kid holidays meant visiting

A Trip Down Memory Lane by Savithri

Blog post by Savithri Sundaram This morning I received a wonderful mail about a south Indian childhood and was hit by such a strong surge of nostalgia that a la the Ancient Mariner I felt compelled to revisit my own childhood. You,dear readers, are the Wedding Guest. Summer holidays in my childhood meant trips to good

Kodaikala Vidumurai by Hema

Blog post by Hema Narayana Summer months during my childhood days were similar to the ones from Malgudi days. It used to be filled with activities from dawn till dusk… My family bought lot of stuff that would last for a year… One such thing was Puli the quintessential part of our day to day

Life of Pai by Kumar

Blog post by Kumar Ganesan “Sundaram mama vandachu…yenge Sundaram mama chollu?” “Sundaram mama has come…tell me where is he?” I screamed with delight as soon I entered my home back from my tuition class. My mother was taken by surprise as to how I knew that Sundaram Mama was home. He was not anywhere in the

Sambhar Vadacurry by Kummar

Blog post by Kummar Ganesh “Enge poodhu mami oor per teriyamma, Sambhar Vadacurry…” The moment I said this, the whole house erupted in laughter. Then my mom corrected me saying, “Pudhu Mami odu oor per Sambavar Vadakarai…seriya chollu…Sambavaaar Vadakarai…” Yes that was the town from where my eldest mama’s bride, Savithri mami hailed from. We

Paati Vaidhyam by Aiswarya

Blog post by Aiswarya Ramanan Our ammas and paatis have very simple solutions to the most complex problems. From elimichanga oorga to El Nino effect, they have ready-made answers for everything.  In all our houses, they are the first doctors. In hospital, we go for consultation to a doctor and when the doctor feels, it needs

Westward Bound by Kavitha

Blog post by Kavitha Narayan Growing up watching older cousins go to the US to pursue graduate studies, I never doubted that I would do the same.  Despite my conservative tambrahm upbringing (never slept at a friend’s house, never stayed out past 6 pm unless someone accompanied me back home, never went on overnight “excursion” trips

Ancestral House by Srividya

Blog post by Srividya Bharatrajan The term “Our House”  brings memories of our Ancestral house where my Thatha & Patti stayed in an Agraharam in our native place in Trichy district. There was greenery all around. A canal used to flow closeby. The house was huge.  It had a huge vaashal (front) Thinnai (portico) in the front