Paper Vandhaacha by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R.S In continuing with the series of phrases which irritate the hell out of Tambrahm mamis (after “Thottukka enna?” and “Innikku menu enna?”) here comes the next – “Paper vandhaacha?” For a Tambrahm mama, drinking filter kaapi in the morning and reading the day’s newspaper – in all likely hood

Innikki Menu Enna by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R S If there is one question which pisses off a normally calm and cool Tambrahm Mami particularly in a weekend, which is “Innikku menu enna?” (Of course I am referring to households where the Mami still holds the fort in the kitchen and not where the kitchen duties have

“Thottukka Enna?” by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar “Konthey, Dosai vaathu vechurikken, chooda irukku, vandu eduthukko!” – A loving and caring TamBrahm mother’s very usual call to her son at the time of food. The teenage son who is immersed in solving a model question paper (what else) for some entrance exam responds, “Dho vanthutten Amma! Thottukka Enna?”

Chamathu Aathu Manushaa by Venkatraman

Blog Post by Venkatraman Subramaniam Following up on the ‘Chamathu Series’ – Chamathu Kondey ( & Chamathu Ponn Kondey (, here’s one on the people around the Kondeys. Continuing with the tradition, there’s 11 of them in this post too (coz auspicious). Presenting the ‘Chamathu Aathu Manushaa’. 1. The Appa Soft-spoken, Kucheri-lover, News reader (most

Kitchen Terminology Woes by Gayatri

Blog post by Gayatri Subramanian I’m from this era where MasterChef and class cooking is of value. There used to be a time and age where dumping food in your plate and hogging like a pig was all you needed to do. But these days plate decoration, presentation is of utmost importance. Your review on Zomato

Ela Pottaachu by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar For any Tambrahm worth his or her uppu, the phrase “Ela Pottachu” must immediately ring a bell or rather Getti melam!!! For, in any function one attends these days from Kalyanam to Poonal to Shastiaptapurthi to Sadhabhishegam or even Sasthapreethi the otherwise sober mamas and mamis, take a different avatar

The Daily FaceTime by Sharmilee

Blog post by Sharmilee Sriram “Enna aachu kuzhanthai ku?”, Lakshmi Mami questions her daughter, Savi (Savitha) over the usual FaceTime session. Savi lives in London along with her husband (Ananth) and 5 year old daughter (Ritika). Mami resides with Mama in Alwarpet. Ritu sniffs her running nose and lies down on Savi’s lap as Savi

Me and Maths… Noooo! by Gomathi

Blog post by Gomathi Viswanathan Call it the mistake of Ramanujan I say! Why did he invent Zero and become a mathematical genius? Only to set the standard that “if you are a TamBrahm, you are definitely a mathematical wizard!” rather kanakula puli! Having said that, this post is a shout out to souls out

Poochandi by Jyothy

Blog post by Jyothy Iyer Our usual Saturday morning starts “ippo kaNaratha? Ippo kekkaratha?” “kaNarathu, aana kekkarathillai …” And on and on, for those who didn’t get any clue so far, it is typical Palakkad Iyers testing Skype connectivity. Of course myself and my mom. The only life line between New Jersey and Palakkad. After discussing a lot