Innikki Menu Enna by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R S If there is one question which pisses off a normally calm and cool Tambrahm Mami particularly in a weekend, which is “Innikku menu enna?” (Of course I am referring to households where the Mami still holds the fort in the kitchen and not where the kitchen duties have

“Thottukka Enna?” by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar “Konthey, Dosai vaathu vechurikken, chooda irukku, vandu eduthukko!” – A loving and caring TamBrahm mother’s very usual call to her son at the time of food. The teenage son who is immersed in solving a model question paper (what else) for some entrance exam responds, “Dho vanthutten Amma! Thottukka Enna?”

Kitchen Terminology Woes by Gayatri

Blog post by Gayatri Subramanian I’m from this era where MasterChef and class cooking is of value. There used to be a time and age where dumping food in your plate and hogging like a pig was all you needed to do. But these days plate decoration, presentation is of utmost importance. Your review on Zomato

Ela Pottaachu by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar For any Tambrahm worth his or her uppu, the phrase “Ela Pottachu” must immediately ring a bell or rather Getti melam!!! For, in any function one attends these days from Kalyanam to Poonal to Shastiaptapurthi to Sadhabhishegam or even Sasthapreethi the otherwise sober mamas and mamis, take a different avatar

Ganga Snanam Aacha by Sharmilee

Blog post by Sharmilee Sriram Diwali or “Deepavali” as I have always heard from my childhood is an important and profound memory in my life. I cannot claim myself to be a very chamathu girl and say there should be no pollution, no noise, etc etc. Okay I hear you loud and clear my dear environmentalists.

The Batchanam Diaries by Ishwarya S

A gorgeous Bangalore morning, coupled with the chirping of birds, the nip in the air and a sweet smell wafting about from the kitchen. A little kid woke up to this and made her way to the kitchen sleepily. As she rubbed her eyes, she noticed Amma gently mixing butter with rice flour that was

Eeyamsombu Rasam by Sowmiya

Blog post by Sowmiya Hariharan Thats one of the best things  next to  “vattal kolambu”   in the tambhram cuisines, That “manam” of the “perungayam” in rasam gets into a “thani pasi” level!!! Rasam has many flavors– milagu jeeragam,poondu,thakali,mysore,elimicham pazham,kadanthipli-arusithipili,pineapple .. n many more…:) This blog is all about my learning experience with rasam,,(thakali rasam first kathukurein… mathadhu aparam ma kathukalam)

A Guide to Tackling the TamBrahm Wedding Feast! by Srini

Blog post by Srinivas Krishnaswamy  Let’s start off with a quiz on TamBrahm wedding feast  What’s the most important reason for attending a TamBrahm wedding? No prizes for guessing! It’s the TamBrahm wedding feast. To hell with the groom and the bridegroom. Are TamBrahm wedding feasts free for guests? Every business transaction requires an investment from

Café and Kaapi Tales by Anuradha

Blog post by Anuradha Srinivasan “Kousalya Supraja rama purva…”. The suprabhatham filtered through to my unwilling ears as I held on to the last dregs of sleep.  “Wake up! The meeting is today. Don’t you have to prepare?!” shouted Amma as she went about her routine in a manic frenzy. I grumbled “ Why do I

The All Enduring Chinna Vengaya Sambar by Jayashri

Blog post by Jayashri Srinivasan “Innikki unga aathula enna Sunday special?” “Engaathula innikki chinna vengaya araichuvitta sambar, chinna urulaikizhangu curry, pappadam”. How many of you feel this is the best meal ever? This has been one of the most enduring, time-tested and all-time favorite meals of many TamBrahm families I have known over the years. Whether