Ganga Snanam Aacha by Sharmilee

Blog post by Sharmilee Sriram Diwali or “Deepavali” as I have always heard from my childhood is an important and profound memory in my life. I cannot claim myself to be a very chamathu girl and say there should be no pollution, no noise, etc etc. Okay I hear you loud and clear my dear environmentalists.

My favourite day of the year! by Soumya

“Di, today is Saraswati Poojai, don’t open your books and don’t study today.” Priya’s face lit up when I heard those words from amma. She wondered “Did I just hear that or am I dreaming?” Almost sensing the pleasure on her face, her mom quickly retorted “Just for today, tomorrow we will take the books

The Batchanam Diaries by Ishwarya S

A gorgeous Bangalore morning, coupled with the chirping of birds, the nip in the air and a sweet smell wafting about from the kitchen. A little kid woke up to this and made her way to the kitchen sleepily. As she rubbed her eyes, she noticed Amma gently mixing butter with rice flour that was

Enga Aathu Deepavali by Amrita

Blog post by Amrita Anand Idhu varkum ellarum romba azhaga post panniruka about lot of things. Frankly, I ran out of topics when I sat down to pen something. Apram dhaan thonithu, the customary TamBrahm Diwali is something I can write about. Inikum diwali naale ellarukum special dhaan whether you are an NRI, hosteller or a