About Us


We Are TamBrahm started as a Facebook Page in July 2012 which has been posting tips and quirks unique to Tamil Brahmin households. We keep up with the social media trends, create and share content on Facebook that would interest you! We want to create a platform for people to share snippets from their lives being a part of our interesting culture. This Blog is a way to curate all the original content in and around the TamBrahm theme written by our members! You can contribute too. To know how, click here.

Meet the Team




Sweta is a Marketing professional from Bombay. She is currently working in Bangalore. She loves to read, paint and create DIY crafts. She can be seen tweeting, snapchatting and instagramming most of the time. If she’s not in office or in her apartment, you’ll find her exploring Bangalore on a BMTC bus!

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Rajiv is a Carnatic musician and Marketing professional from Chennai. An ardent animal lover, traveler, mobile photographer and blogger. Tweet him anything that is TamBrahm-ish from Abhivaadaye to awesome filter kaapi. He is one enthusiastic Highengaar that you will ever come across.

Tweet to him @highengaar | Check his Instagram @highengaar