Paper Vandhaacha by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R.S In continuing with the series of phrases which irritate the hell out of Tambrahm mamis (after “Thottukka enna?” and “Innikku menu enna?”) here comes the next – “Paper vandhaacha?” For a Tambrahm mama, drinking filter kaapi in the morning and reading the day’s newspaper – in all likely hood

Not too far away by Prabha

Post by Prabha Prakash Is the moment we start missing things that we never thought we would ever miss… When we forget the last time we heard “Venkayama??Shasti aakkum”… When we sharpen our earlobe in vain as if to hear an extinct “Vanthuko…Nevidhyam aayachu…” When we are no longer frustrated to wear that sacred ash on

Perumai Peethal by Vidya

Blog post written by Vidya Mahesh “Amma enakku unnoda red colour podavai venum….inikku pujai kku naan adu daan kattikkaporen….” My daughter squeaked in excitement. “seri neeye eduthukko….beero la irukku paaru…..” “ Ippove vandu katti vidu amma ….enakku time aiduthu…..nee ong velai ellam apparama pannu….inda podavai kattikka time rombo aagum……my daughter pestered me and I had