7 tell-tale signs of a TamBrahm Navratri by Manasa

Blog post by Manasa Anand Navratri is that time of the year – Gujaratis strap on on their dancing shoes, Bengalis adorn their finest silks, and Tambrahm kumaris and mamis embark on a massive golu tour of the neighbourhood and beyond. It’s a festival that is colourful, fun, enthusiastic, spirited and so much more. The

Mamas and Navarathri by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar R.S In South India, Navarathri is observed with much fervour to celebrate the victory of good over evil (for that matter most festivals) – in this case Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasura. May be because of this, Navarathri is closely associated with the ladies at home. 9 days of action