Chamathu Aathu Manushaa by Venkatraman

Blog Post by Venkatraman Subramaniam Following up on the ‘Chamathu Series’ – Chamathu Kondey ( & Chamathu Ponn Kondey (, here’s one on the people around the Kondeys. Continuing with the tradition, there’s 11 of them in this post too (coz auspicious). Presenting the ‘Chamathu Aathu Manushaa’. 1. The Appa Soft-spoken, Kucheri-lover, News reader (most

Pattammal’s Idli Molahapodi by Swetha

Blog post by Swetha Janakiraman What is the most exciting thing about going on a road trip with my super ‘madi’ Pattoo paati? Apart from the fact that she is a bakshanam vending machine sitting in the front passenger seat applying an imaginary break and covering her eyes every time a truck grazes by, which is

Kitchen Terminology Woes by Gayatri

Blog post by Gayatri Subramanian I’m from this era where MasterChef and class cooking is of value. There used to be a time and age where dumping food in your plate and hogging like a pig was all you needed to do. But these days plate decoration, presentation is of utmost importance. Your review on Zomato