Dark is Beautiful by Divya

Blog post by Divya Mani Wherever you look around, there are subtle reinforcements that only fair is lovely. Yes I’m dusky and I’m also tired of this unreal stereotype of how dark is considered to be less than fair. In a world where most fair-skinned people are trying to get a tan whether from the

The Daily FaceTime by Sharmilee

Blog post by Sharmilee Sriram “Enna aachu kuzhanthai ku?”, Lakshmi Mami questions her daughter, Savi (Savitha) over the usual FaceTime session. Savi lives in London along with her husband (Ananth) and 5 year old daughter (Ritika). Mami resides with Mama in Alwarpet. Ritu sniffs her running nose and lies down on Savi’s lap as Savi

Me and Maths… Noooo! by Gomathi

Blog post by Gomathi Viswanathan Call it the mistake of Ramanujan I say! Why did he invent Zero and become a mathematical genius? Only to set the standard that “if you are a TamBrahm, you are definitely a mathematical wizard!” rather kanakula puli! Having said that, this post is a shout out to souls out

The Tambrahm Yogi Who Revolutionised Modern Yoga

Blog post by Aditya Jayaram Tambrahms have become noticed as a community on account of their excellence in whichever field they entered – be it music, science and technology or civic service.This was on account of a deep foundation in spiritual practices which increased their focus, concentration and awareness.Whilst most of these practices revolved around the

Tamil Streotypes in Bollywood by Divya

Blog post by Divya Mani Read a comment on my friend’s wall this morning, regarding how Alia was absolutely un-Tamilian in ‘2 States’ whereas Deepika did full justice to her role as a Tamilian in ‘Chennai Express’ & that comparison set me thinking. To digress a bit here, I’m done unpacking my cartons, have set

On a Lively Pitch by Ramakrishnan S

Amma seems nowhere near happy with her second prize, ‘ball- throw’ being her forte.  After all she taught off- spin and orthodox- spin bowling to the legendary first class Club/League cricketer, Kannan Mama from age three, with no less dexterity than did Dennis Lillee to Santhakumaran Jr.  She taught him, in off spin bowling, the

The Batchanam Diaries by Ishwarya S

A gorgeous Bangalore morning, coupled with the chirping of birds, the nip in the air and a sweet smell wafting about from the kitchen. A little kid woke up to this and made her way to the kitchen sleepily. As she rubbed her eyes, she noticed Amma gently mixing butter with rice flour that was

Poochandi by Jyothy

Blog post by Jyothy Iyer Our usual Saturday morning starts “ippo kaNaratha? Ippo kekkaratha?” “kaNarathu, aana kekkarathillai …” And on and on, for those who didn’t get any clue so far, it is typical Palakkad Iyers testing Skype connectivity. Of course myself and my mom. The only life line between New Jersey and Palakkad. After discussing a lot