TamBrahm Identification by Rishi

Blog post by Rishi Athreya A question often posed is about the unique identity of Tamil Brahmins. It is asked if these people could not identify as Tamil and whether the caste is an essential part of their character. Tamil Brahmins are ethnically bilingual with both Tamil and Sanskrit. Like those of all other states

Preachy Vaathiyar by Bhargavi

Blog post by Bhargavi¬†Barathi Muhurtham, horai and the nalla neram concept is a huge deal for us Brahmins. More so if it’s the exact lagnam when the thirumangalya dhaaranam and kanya dhaanam of your kondey is to take place. This is the story of how a paunchy, middle aged, garrulous preachy vaathiyar mama threatened to

Being Linga by Sridhar

Blog post by Sridhar Iyer Every morning the priest opens the gate of the temple. He enters the sanctum sanctorum and I wait there with much anxiousness about the things to be done the whole day. He starts praising me with holy mantras that without any hesitation I keep transferring to the lord of the universe,