Ninaivugal by Srividya

Blog post by Srividya Bharatrajan How rightfully it is said that childhood memories remain with us for a lifetime .It becomes a part of us and we hold on to the good memories with great fondness. I have always associated the word journey with a “Train journey” since for me as a kid holidays meant visiting

Nee yenna periya Kamal Haasan-aa? by Venkatraman

Blog post by Venkatraman Subramaniam Nee yenna periya Kamal Haasan-aa? A line which a lot of people may have heard in their lives. Can’t blame them. Kamal Haasan, or rather fondly called as Kamalagaasan by the nammalavaa has ventured into so many zones that at times it’s tough to keep count. There is a possibility

TamBrahm Heartbreak by Megha

Blog post by Megha Sreeram As I sit down to write this post, I smile the widest smile with a slight wickedness lurking somewhere at the corners of my lips. Oh! I am gonna be mercilessly teased after this post by my friends. I am referring to a very practical scenario, which has the potential

The Lost Tradition by Adithya

Blog post by Adithya M Ramadurai Sharma This article is written in the same nature as that of any other article published in the page and holds no offence to anybody. It was a year or so that I happened to see this page and had an immediate affinity towards it. I could relate to

Bajji Sojji by Kishor and Megha

Blog post by Kishor LN and Megha Sreeram Hello all. I am Megha, a girl in her twenties who is on the cusp of falling into the trap of marriage. Given below is a slice of my life from somewhere into my future. The scenario here is the “ponnu paakurathu”, or as I would like