Eeyamsombu Rasam by Sowmiya

Blog post by Sowmiya Hariharan Thats one of the best things  next to  “vattal kolambu”   in the tambhram cuisines, That “manam” of the “perungayam” in rasam gets into a “thani pasi” level!!! Rasam has many flavors– milagu jeeragam,poondu,thakali,mysore,elimicham pazham,kadanthipli-arusithipili,pineapple .. n many more…:) This blog is all about my learning experience with rasam,,(thakali rasam first kathukurein… mathadhu aparam ma kathukalam)

Kalyanama??? – En Terms & Conditions Apply!!! by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar These days, in many TamBrahm households, with girls of marriageable age, the parents are gripped with tension – “Ivalukku kaala kaalathula kalyanam aaguma”??? On the other side, in households with boys of marriageable age, the parents are also gripped with tension in fact more tension – “Ivanukku intha jenmathula kalyanam

The Rise and Fall of a Nasal Empire by Prabha

Blog post by Prabha Prakash So, it was one of those days, when one of my long-awaited wishes neared materialization… Amma called out… “Konthe…nee naraya naala mookku kuthikkanam chollindirukkaye…innaku polaama?” (“Child…you’ve been insisting on getting your nose pierced since so many days…shall we go today?”)(#1) “Innakka?” (“Today?”) “Aamam…velli kazhamaiyaa irukku…rahu kalam kazhinjachu…Vaa..vegam ready aavu.” (“Yes..Today

Maami, the match maker by Praveen

Blog post by Praveen Krishnan In what can be termed as the most orthodox form of arranging a marriage, the match making process is tied to fate rather than love.  Though the conservative image of India is changing, arranged marriages still form the most popular way of tying the knot.  Speculation and analysis fills the

A Trip Down Memory Lane by Savithri

Blog post by Savithri Sundaram This morning I received a wonderful mail about a south Indian childhood and was hit by such a strong surge of nostalgia that a la the Ancient Mariner I felt compelled to revisit my own childhood. You,dear readers, are the Wedding Guest. Summer holidays in my childhood meant trips to good

Being TamBrahm by Aarti

Poem by Aarti Iyer   The striking poonool and the classy madisaar The hallmarks of the great TamBrahms we are The poojai and shlokam and the grand homam The banana leaf sadhyas, yummy & wholesome The murukku-cheedais and the filter kaapis The thayir chaadam which never fails to appease Suprabhatam, Sandhyavandanam and The Hindu Avani

My First Cover by Janani

Blog post by Janani Gopalakrishnan I was 6 years old when my grandfather forcefully dropped me to attend Classical vocal classes. I was terrified by my guru, who’d stop you and make you sing the same thing over and over again, until you get it right. If it is Shadjamam, it must be shadjamam, and MUST

Kerala, God’s Own Country by Gayatri

Blog post by Gayatri Subramanian People tend to have a long bucket list of places to visit, often dreaming of being to exotic foreign locations. In my opinion if we do more of in country back­packing and less of outside the country that bucket list might get marginally smaller. The geographic and social variation in our country is

Oru Tambrahm Kudumbam by Adithya

Poem by Adithya Narayan (series of verses with somewhat rhyming last words) by – The Tambrahm T.R Namaskaram! I’m Vishwanathan aka vichu Enaku oru annan irukaan, His name is Kichu We are both amma chellam, My appa is romba terror avara porutha varaikum- ” Paper na hindu, both his sons are mandu!” After my 12th

A Guide to Tackling the TamBrahm Wedding Feast! by Srini

Blog post by Srinivas Krishnaswamy  Let’s start off with a quiz on TamBrahm wedding feast  What’s the most important reason for attending a TamBrahm wedding? No prizes for guessing! It’s the TamBrahm wedding feast. To hell with the groom and the bridegroom. Are TamBrahm wedding feasts free for guests? Every business transaction requires an investment from