What’s in a TamBrahm Name? by Anand

By Anand Kumar What’s in a Tambrahm name? To answer this question we have to first ask which name. Because for time immemorial, a Tambrahm person will never have just one name. He will have a pet name at home, an official name for official records and then there is another name which is a

The secret life of a (not so) chamathu ponnu by Archana

  Chapter 1- a random kalyanam Disclaimer: Strictly no judging allowed. Just for fun scenarios…. Scene 1: food or guy “Appu, vaadi sapda polam…. Romba pasikardu di” “Iru akka, anda yellow shirt ah paren,…” “Anda manja sattalam irukatum… anda bulu sattaya paren!” “Yaru di adu?” “Poi kekava?” “Chinna paiyana irukaporan, bulb vangindu varada di” “En

Thotta Chinungi by Raj

Blog post by Raj Vaidyanathan It used to be a monthly routine, depending on how fast the hair grew or didn’t, for that matter, a visit to the local barbershop or as we called it “saloon”. The event was pretty mundane, no catalogs to browse at or designs to pick from, that is available these days

Bankers by Sowmya

All these banker folks are oddballs! Before you think of swank Ermenegildo Zegna suit clad suave creatures, let me stop you, no I’m definitely not talking about the posh Wall Street ones or the stuffed up ones with their noses inside the FT and a morning cup of espresso in their hands. I’m talking about

Life of Pai by Kumar

Blog post by Kumar Ganesan “Sundaram mama vandachu…yenge Sundaram mama chollu?” “Sundaram mama has come…tell me where is he?” I screamed with delight as soon I entered my home back from my tuition class. My mother was taken by surprise as to how I knew that Sundaram Mama was home. He was not anywhere in the

The All Enduring Chinna Vengaya Sambar by Jayashri

Blog post by Jayashri Srinivasan “Innikki unga aathula enna Sunday special?” “Engaathula innikki chinna vengaya araichuvitta sambar, chinna urulaikizhangu curry, pappadam”. How many of you feel this is the best meal ever? This has been one of the most enduring, time-tested and all-time favorite meals of many TamBrahm families I have known over the years. Whether

Trivandrum Iyers by Ramya

Whenever Iyers in Kerala are referred to, they are assumed to be from Palakkad.  I for one, take offense when anyone calls me a Palakkad Iyer, because I have nothing to do with Palakkad.  There are Iyer settlements in different parts of Kerala other than Palakkad.  Calling all Kerala Iyers as Palakkad Iyers is like

When Kanjeevaram meets Patiala by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar ‘2 States’ is a movie from Karan Johar’s stable which went on to be a part of the hallowed 100 crore club. In this movie which is incidentally based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel with the same name, the hero – a Punjabi falls in love with a Tambrahm girl. The

The Hunt by Karan

The moment you hear this, you must be having a picture of a guy in khaki shirt and pants having a gun and pointing at you (someone like Shikari Shambhu) 😀 But,  I’m going to break your heart. I’m going to write about the hunt the parents do for their daughters when they reach a

Shanti Muhurtam by Rekha

Shanthi Muhurthathilendu Shivaloka prapthivare..….chronicles (which turned out to be debacles) of Tamil terminologies!! “Where am I from?” This question pops in many minds with a confusing alarmity especially for those who have migrated. For example, I am a Tamil Brahmin not from Tamil Nadu but from Kerala…Huh??? Thus the Tamil I speak is much diluted