Madhura Suthram by Shilpa

Blog post by Shilpa Ramanathan I would like to share a hillarious incident that happened some 20-30 years back and now its a family joke for us. Of-course the joke is on me… So the story goes like this – when I was around 4+ years of age, we were staying in Bombay. I was

The TamBrahm Tamasha by Vatsalya

Blog post by Vatsalya Balasubramanian Where is it? Everything looks the same to me. Where am I? I stop by the sidewalk to enquire. Everyone whisks past me with intent expressions on their faces. No one is free. Ah! there is a man in a lungi lounging across the pavement. He leisurely smokes a beedi blowing

The TamBrahm-Bong Kalyanam-Bibaha by Venkatraman

Blog post by Venkatraman Subramaniam Disclaimer: TamBrahms are also like Kamal Haasan from Viswaroopam – “I am a hero, I am villain!” This post highlights both the sides of namma manusha. All characters and events depicted in this post are NOT entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is NOT coincidental.

When Kurukku Vazhi is the only Vazhi by Janaki

Blog post by Janaki Srinivasan Kumar Born in a traditional TamBrahm family I assumed that I know all the rules that a so called TamBrahm is supposed to follow. I was proud that though I never lived in Tamil Nadu, I was still familiar with all the traditions. But I was not aware that in

Revenge of the Mamis by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar Ever since I wrote a piece on the Mamas – “My close encounters with Mamas” (read here) – their counterpart, the Mamis stopped being kind to me. “Ennada, engala pathi ellam ezhutha maatiyo??” (You will not write about us and all??) – was the usual refrain wherever and whenever I met

Chamayal Chaapadu by Deepa

Blog post by Deepa Mahesh Being born and brought up in a typical Palakkad Iyer household, I have been raised exclusively on Palakkad Chamayal. And, I can swear to this day, that nothing beats it. Coming from a family where all the ladies, right from my Paati to my Amma, periamma’s and Chittis were fabulous

My Echil Itta Redemption by Pavithra

Blog post by Pavithra Varadharajan Growing up, a sight that I was privy to, in all its non-dining table glory, during our visits to my father’s side of the family was the process of Echil Ittufication (cleaning-up the floor after a meal- for dummies). Echil Ittufication is a perfect amalgamation of art and science conceived, tested

MBAs, you can learn from Mani Mama, the Master Chef by Ved

Blog post by Ved Sarvothaman Article originally published in The Hindu In Indian marriages, a common factor which determines the performance rating is food, its varieties and taste. With my experience of having attended more than 800 marriages, I always wonder how caterers manage to make hundreds of guests happy. My curiosity made me venture on

The Humble Rasam by Ganesh

Blog post by Ganesh Jeyaraman ‘Aathukku poi our rasam vachu appalaam suttu saapta thaan nimmadhiaa irukkum’  (‘I will feel relieved only if I return home & treat myself to some rasam & sutta appalam’). This is a refrain one often hears from our uncanny mamas & mamis. This rasam is such an integral part of our

More TamBrahm Nomenclature – Who on earth is a Sheddagar and why is Varadarajan’s nickname Cheema ?

Blog post by Lapsed Iyengar (author chooses to remain anonymous) This small recollection was inspired by the impressive post on Iyengar Nomenclature. I am a long lost Iyengar – An Army childhood, working across India and settling in Mumbai with a multicultural family has meant my TamBrahm know-how is diluted. I cherish my non-practising  TamBrahmness