Malligai Poo Mami by Kummar

Blog post by Kummar Ganesan That was how I knew her, since I was a little boy. Tall by Tamil Brahmin Standards, extremely fair, deep black eyes accentuated by mayyi (Kajal for dummies), long black hair that flowed below her knees, adorned with strings and strings of fresh Malligai Poo. The strong and intense aroma

The Dosa Debacle by Anupama

Blog post by Anupama Ramanarayan Not all battles are fought on battle fields, and not all victories lead to thrones. Read on to know more 😀  Hurrayyyy! I did it (taking a bow in front of an imaginary audience). No, that wasn’t because I got into IIT or IIM (Kharagpur or Ahmedabad, respectively. Of course). Oh,

TamBrahm in the US – Oru Quick Paarvai by Janani

Blog post by Janani Hariharan 3 years ago, like any other chamathu TamBrahm kozhande worth its salt, I stepped onto a flight to the US of A. I was all prepared for the big American life, with oorga, podis and thokkus in tow. Numerous trips had been made to Grand Sweets, Ambika Appalam and grandma’s house.

Thala Deepavali by Anupama

Blog post by Anupama Ramanarayan To the sound of Getti Melams, the marriage culminates. (Was I wrong or did the Mridangam say “Maatikittan, Maatikittan”?) Six months later, it is Thalai Deepavali time. We tam-brahms have our Deepavali a day before the “civilian” 😀 i.e., Northie Deepavali. It is the middle of the night. (5 a.m. for

Paati’s Love Knows No Bounds by Renjini

Blog post by Renjini Sreekumar Needless to say, TamBrahms are not very worldly or proficient in the art of animal loving. At least my family isn’t. We are vegetarians, true. But our paatis and athais don’t know to love the animal. They only know not to eat it. Therefore when I adopted a pup, it

Vadhyarathu Pethi by Priya

Njangal Kerala Iyer aakum. Ennodu thatha periya vadhyar aayirundhar. Porandhappova athanala naa famous. Vadhyarathu pethi allava? But never did I know that there were sooo many things to be taken care being “vadhyarathu pethi”. While trying some modern dress, amma enters “ava pottukara iva pittukara nu kandathem potukathe, namma athuku cherndha maathiri neat ah pottukanam, allata

The Iyengar Vocabulary by Neharika

Blog post by Neharika Rajagopalan Frankly speaking, there should be a dictionary for the standard vocabulary used by Tamizh Brahmins. But, here is a short list of popular words used by the Brahmin community in Tamilnadu. This list is more customised to suit the Iyengar community, since the author of this list is more proficient

Growing up in the most TamBrahm part of Mumbai by Sweta

Blog post written by Sweta Ramdas, admin of We Are TamBrahm Except for speaking Hindi without a Tamilian accent, any TamBrahm from Mumbai is as Tamilian as their Chennai counterpart if they grew up in Matunga, Chembur-Chedda Nagar and Goregaon-Bangur Nagar! And if by any chance you went to Vivek Vidyalaya in Goregaon or SIES

Inside the Brahmin Threshold by Swathee

Blog post written by Swaathee Radhakrishnan Okay, let me make it clear at the offset, This post is meant for pure fun – neither to judge, nor to get offended. continue reading only if you have the right sense of humor 🙂 I was taking a stroll with my little nephew when he suddenly pointed at

Being a TamBrahm by Sharada

Blog post written by Sharada Subramanian Aathule ellarum epdi iruka…? Well, being a Tam-Brahm, I had to start it this way no? 🙂 I dint know that being a Tam-Brahm is supposed to be so swag and ended up becoming a cult by itself.  I mean, all my friends raise eyebrows and give that smirkish wickedly smile